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Melvin E Cruser DDS Waterlase

Scared of drills or needles?
Ask about the use of the Waterlase®.

In one of the first truly new advancements to come along in years Dr. Cruser is one of the first dentists in Tidewater to utilize the Waterlase® for his patients. This device uses a special crystal to generate a wavelength of laser energy that can be used on both hard and soft tissues. Most people now know that lasers have been used with great success for eye surgery and plastic surgery. The Waterlase can be used to treat cavities in teeth, usually without the need for numbing. The combination of low level laser energy and water streams slowly and gently removes the diseased tooth structure while depolarizing the nerve endings in the tooth, reducing the transmission of painful stimuli without having to get a shot of “novocaine”. Many soft tissue surgical procedures can be performed with the use of only a topical anesthetic gel. Postoperative pain is greatly reduced because the laser seals the nerve endings and blood vessels and healing occurs much more rapidly than if a scalpel had been used because there is less trauma to the tissue. Other uses of the Waterlase® include removal of pain and expedited healing of canker sores and to seal the painful exposed nerve endings on sensitive roots to eliminate pain.

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